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Wanda M. Argersinger
Meanderings of a Muddled Mind

Garry Barker
Head of the Holler

W. Mark Berryman
Cowboy Mark

Curt Brandao
Digital Slob

John Brock
The Southern Observer

Gary L Benton
Best in Redneck Humor

Dudley Clark
Highbrow Slapstick

David Decker
A Southern Boy

Judy L DiGregorio
The Wandering Writer

Diane Estill
A Texas Woman

Lisa K. Friedman
Laugh Out Loud

Bill Fullerton
Bayou Bill

Angela Gillaspie
Southern Angel

Tom Hale
Mighty Muddy

Mariane Holbrook
Northern Born and Southern Fed

Edward Hurst
The Lump

Mark Hoolihan
Hoolinet Humor

Sheila Moss
The Tennessee Firefly

Mark Motz
Smooth Operator

Ed Owen
This is Your Captain Speaking

Georgia Richardson
The Queen of Experiences

Dana Sieben
A Southern Gal Goes North

Brian L. Thompson
Life in a Nutshell

S D Youngren

Ed Williams
Writer, Speaker and Smoocher

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- Sassafras
- Fried Jelly Beans
- Sneaky Snake
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- Super Dudes
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- Purty Peggy
- Summer Thangs
- Tub O' Lard
- W'men or Girls
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