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Redneck Tipsy Chicken


Some folks like to call it BeerButt Chicken

Mark Hoolihan opened a Southern Humorists' discussion about cooking when he said:

"My wife heard of this way to barbecue a chicken by setting it on a can of beer on the grill... This must be a southern idea. Anyone help me out here?"

"I have heard of cooking a chicken on a beer can. Waste of beer." replied Ben Baker, who has never wasted anything he could eat or drink.

Of course, if you want to know something about barbecue, just ask a group of southerners. It wasn't long until Carrie English came up with a recipe:

"Drink 1/4 of the can of beer, and drink four more beers while you fire up the grill. Coat the chicken with butter, olive oil, or more beer and set it the gobbler on the 1/4 empty beer (very pessimistic when it comes to my beer). Grill for about an hour and voila - the masterpiece is ready."

Pamela "knows-her-chicken" Klein has a slightly different version and even listed the ingredients - both of them.

1 nice chicken
1 can beer

"Brine chicken for about an hour in about 1/4 cup salt in enough water to submerge. Remove chicken and pat dry, season with pepper and fresh garlic, rub on a lot and push cloves under the skin and into the meat. Make sure you have removed all the bits from the inside of the chicken then insert the OPEN can of beer into the large opening where stuffing would go. Make sure the chicken is balanced, tie the wings next to the body and either grill or bake until juices run clear. The beer helps keep the meat moist and adds a nice flavor."

Phil Jones came up with a more unique method guaranteed to be favored by college students, bachelors, and street people.

"Seems like a lot trouble. Personally, I'd buy a six-pack, drink five of the beers, and then just pour the last one over some KFC."

We scratched our heads and pondered over what to call this recipe so it didn't sound like a northern hoax to 

Barbara Madden, " who thinks beer-butt chicken is a Yankee trick."

"Most people call this Beer Butt Chicken but I agree- we could think of a much better name," Frank G. Van Atta mumbled. Unfortunately, most of the perfectly good names suggested were censored out by Net Nanny, who is a prig.

Hungry for barbeque chicken and tipsy on beer, the Southern Humorists all rushed off to backyards to fire up their grills and report back to the group on the results:

Ern Grover had the earliest report. "Caution. Open the beer tab. Don't ask." He didn't bring back any samples. We don't know why.

Carrie, with a wild look in her eye, added, ". . .the chicken has been known to tip over. I mean, a beer can only hold so much. A 4 pound chicken carcass can be a bit much. And if you spill the beer, you risk the alcohol abuse comments."

We wondered if that's why it was being called "Tipsy Chicken" but decided it was for other reasons.

Mark Motz also had less than perfect results, "Note to self: Open beer can and drain before grilling. I forgot once, and invented the first orbiting roaster." We here at Southern Humorists wish him a speedy recovery.

Pamela, possibly after sampling one of the ingredients, said. "I saw this method described in a grilling supplement to the Naples, FL newspaper back in May. Bill and I tried it as soon as we got home - the hardest part was getting a single can of beer because we drink bottled beer. "

Beth Jacks reported, "We do this a lot at my house. Beer butt chicken is delicious and worth the effort -- which ain't much." We immediately voted to have our next cookout at Beth's house. Don't tell her. We want it to be a surprise!

Karin Vingle regrets she could not report back in person, but she did send us a note from her hideout, rumored to be some place in Iraq.

"I decided to try a variant of your Beer Butt recipe on my ex husband. It was great fun inserting the can and although I can't say for certain whether the beer improved the flavor, as he was already fairly well self-marinated, the meat did seem quite especially juicy (although the high fat content of my ex could have something to do with that)."

In spite of all the wonderful suggestions on how to grill chicken - or maybe because of them - Mark Hoolihan responded, "Thank you all for the advice on the chicken and catfish. I think we'll do the catfish this weekend."

Cookout adjourned.


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