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The Seven Dwarfs Syndrome


By Ren Summerlin


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For some people it starts in different ways.

For me it is nearly always the same. Itchy . My throat gets itchy. Then a little scratchy. Next is runny. Nose that is. Followed by stuffy. This is followed by some decongestant. Hopefully this will ward off what is sure to come.

It doesn't. But it does help. 

We now have Itchy, Scratchy, Runny, and Stuffy. Let us add Watery to this. Surely watery eyes should go away. They don't.

By now it is time to invest in some remedy of some kind. Some folks say to drink about a half glass of liquor. No doubt this will change your feelings. However the morning after might bring on more remedies to vanish the liquor effects. 

One fellow drinks white liniment, or he once did. This would produce a sweat of great magnitude. He would drink his mixture and wrap tightly in a blanket or quilt and sweat. This did produce results. He grew pale and drank water. And sweated some more. The liniment was said to be a cure - all. I 'spect it would. I never had the nerve to try it. The side effect was you could smell the liniment on him for a good three days hence. 

Sneezy. Once this starts, you might as well venture to the medicine cabinet to see what is available. I usually take a hand full of something and retire to the couch or bed. Some of these medicines are good. They make me Drowsy. Which leads to Sleepy. Letís not forget Coughfy. He deserves some recognition. 

Itchy, Scratchy, Runny, Stuffy, Watery, Sneezy, Drowsy, Sleepy and Coughfy.

I said seven: Iím sorry I had the nine-dwarf syndrome. Thanks to the pine tree pollen. 


* * * * *

Born and raised near BayGeorgia. One word BayGeorgia. This is about half way between Funston and Hartsfield. Some time these folks look down on us. They have a post office; we don't. However we have The Chicken Races, they don't. I have written ever since I entered the first grade. I have always loved it. I love a lot of things but am most impressed by God's work. Sunsets, butterflies, horses, dogs, blue skies, full moons, the stars at night, pretty women, good food and a whole lot of laughter. Bunch more too. Divorced and live alone. I am house broken and don't snore. Only get up once a night to go to the bathroom. Believe in God, Elvis, Baseball and that Humpty Dumpty was pushed from the wall. He never would have jumped.


     "This is me, Ren"

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