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A Christmas Story.....Again

By Steve Sites


Well, it's almost that time of the year again. The time that comes with joy, happiness and nostalgia that you normally only feel when a family shares the event together. Yeah, Christmas too, but I mean time we get to indulge in enormous portions of that now classic movie, A Christmas Story.

The movie, which features the unforgettable little Ralphie and the rest of the Parker family, first ran in 1983, making this year the 25th anniversary of the movie many of us grew up with. My generation's, It's A Wonderful Life, I guess it could be called. But don't worry if you're one on those few who haven't already saw A Christmas Story at least once in your lifetime, the 25th anniversary DVD edition will be on sale at a store near you. And there's always the TBS channel to count on for 24 hour marathons of the show,
especially on Christmas Eve.

I've probably watched A Christmas Story more times than any other movie in my lifetime. I'd like to say I'm tired of it, but I'd be lying. I know i couldn't handle 24 hours straight of it, but i know I'll watch it a time or two at least this year. It just wouldn't be Christmas around my family, and I'm sure many others, without our dose of little Ralphie and his 1940's era Indiana family.

Aah, the memories and the anticipation of soon seeing them again. Little Ralphie and his overwhelming desire for a new Daisy Red Ryder BB gun, but his reluctance to ask for it. Ralphie's dad nervously opening the crate containing his sales award then proudly displaying the risque leg lamp in the window for all his neighbors to see. The Christmas day turkey and dad anxiously awaiting as the smell titillated his palate and his patience, only to have the dogs invade the house and rush to the kitchen to devour the turkey before Dad could chase them off. Ralphie slipping the F- word in front of his mom and then falsely blaming his friend for teaching it to him. His friend got a good thrashing, as we heard on the phone; Ralphie escaped with an unscathed bottom but a mouth literally washed out with soap as his punishment.

We all remember that dire warning to Ralphie, "you'll shoot your eye out," after he mustered up the courage to ask mom, dad and even Santa for that coveted Red Ryder BB gun only to have his dad surprise him on Christmas morning with his wish. We all remember what happened next, he shot his eye. Luckily not out though, thanks to his glasses which were broken by the ricochet BB.

Maybe too, i keep liking the movie because i can relate to Ralphie. I had one of those Red Ryder BB guns when i was a kid, before the movie was made. I also remember constantly hearing those cautions to be careful or, "you'll shoot your eye out." I was always very careful and made sure that i did nothing to shoot either of my eyes out. I knew it could really happen. I knew because of the boy at my school with a funny looking eye and Mom always said, "he probably shot it out with a BB gun." I'm not sure, i never knew him well enough to ask. But I was extremely careful with my Red Ryder.

Because of the popularity of the movie I guess, it's not a surprise that those Daisy Red Ryder BB guns are still being made to this day. So if your kid asks for one, I'm sure they're for sale at a store near you. Just make sure to warn them though, "be careful, don't shoot your eye out."

I'll watch A Christmas Story again this year. Many of you will too. I'll know what will happen and pretty much what will be said. But I'll laugh again as i always have before, and I'll enjoy it as much as I do year after year after year.

Copyright Steve Sites

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Steve Sites

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