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Pretty Peggy

A picture to caption








As Aunt Dorothy leaned closer, I remembered what she did at last years reunion. I held my breath hoping she didn't want to swap spit again.

Al Speegle

It cost her 2 weeks pay, but the results were SO worth it. C'mon Sadie Hawkins Day.

Jerry Gilvey

The commercial was right! Look how pretty and white they are now!

Sheila Moss

Peggy tries out the new dentures from the Chiclets Company.

Melissa Baumann


If Lily Tomlin and Bugs Bunny had a baby.

Melissa Baumann

"Only you can prevent Southerners from mating!"

Phil Jones

My name is Edith Ann, and I don't have to chew nothin' if I don't want to! And that's the truth!

Linda Lightfoot

Miraculously, Pretty Peggy's extreme makeover turned out even better than expected!

Barbara Madden

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