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In My Life

By Wendy Carol Lang





Not being much of a crowd cuddler, I had decided to skip the big across town rivalry high school football game last week until I got that all important phone call.

I answered the phone to my seventeen year old, Winston's most excited voice; "Mom, we've painted up and I am the O in Decatur!" Before it had time to register, he hung up and I went into that panic mode that only a mother can relate to. I quickly grabbed the mama sized purse and ran for the door.

Jorgie, his fifteen year old brother followed right behind wondering where we were headed at break-neck speed. As we jumped in the car, he began to question me.

I told him that I was concerned about his brother and couldn't allow him to be a bad speller in front of thousands of my closest friends.

Between Burningtree and Ogle Stadium I began to pray that they had changed the spelling of our fair city and I missed the memo. God is, after all, still in the miracle business! As we neared the stadium, I took the closest parking space and trudged the remaining ten miles to the game.

Once inside, it took little effort to see the boys in red and black. I perched my reading glasses atop my nose in order to read him and weep.

Upon further inspection, there he was, the O in GO!

While I attempted to keep a safe distance, he found me; something unheard of for children and parents within a public domain. Paint, it would seem, costs money and he, of course, was out.

GO figure!

Wendy Carol Lang


Wendy Lang is a single, menopausal mother of two teenage sons proving, once again, that God has a sense of humor. She is a first grade teacher and a freelance columnist for The Decatur Daily. Log on to her blog at Just A Mom for more Southern humor! Contact her at [email protected] 

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