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Dedicated to Marta Martin  

Tribute to AsA

  Updated 1-2-08




























My Cristmas Gift to Me

by Cathy Gregor

Last year I decided to treat myself for Christmas and ordered a robotic vacuum cleaner on sale, the price was so good I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT!   No woman on earth could resist such a bargain....$39.99 down from $200.00 dollars and my phone was not fast enough to keep up with my fingers when I dialed the "800" number to put in my order.
It was delivered one week before Christmas and I ripped open the box (after I tipped my UPS guy) with such fervor that I haven't felt in years.  Read the directions, plugged in the battery pack and charged that bugger up..darn, I had to wait for 12 hours for a complete charge. 
The following morning I jumped out of bed so excited to try out my robot.  Yes, the two lights showed it was fully charged just like his mommy was, waiting to see what this bugger can do. 
Made my morning coffee so I could think clearly and decide what room I would try it out in first.  Still thinking, I had to have my second cup of caffeine before my feeble brain could engage.  Bingo, my mind started churning and I made my decision, the spare bathroom so I turned on the robot and let the bugger go. 
My trial run with the door closed and five minutes later was very impressive.  Not one tumbleweed of cat hair was left behind plus all the dingle berries left on the floor by the cheap toilet paper disappeared also. 
I was so pleased with my cute robot that I had to give him a name.  I "thunk" on this for awhile and decided to name it "LARRY" after "LARRY THE CABLE GUY" who I adore.
Yes definitely he will now be known as "Larry".  I cut out some material and glued a sleeveless shirt on him and glued some small mice on top of that just to drive my cats nuts. 
The next day I decided to let Larry run wild while I kicked back to watch Dr. Phil and have a martini before fixing dinner.  I felt like a queen with a maid and Larry also kept my cats chasing him and they got their exercise too.  It must have been the extra touch of cat nip spray I covered Larry with before I sent Larry off to fulfill his duties for his queen (me).
An hour later all the cats came into the den exhausted and just vegged out in front of the fireplace.  I got up to look for Larry but couldn't find the bugger, I knew he still had time on his charge to "get her done" and that Larry would eventually turn up sooner rather than later "somewhere".
A while later the doorbell was ringing like mad and I didn't want to answer it, the Jehovah Witnesses have been working this neighborhood for months and nothing I have said would turn then away. 
When my father was alive I would send them down to my parents and my dad would invite them in and drill them for hours till they were exhausted and had to go back to their elders to answer his questions about the Bible and "their" religion.  You see, our sect were the only ones to get into heaven and everyone went to hell....including them.  Those were the good old days.
Well, then I saw the flashing lights in my driveway I finally opened the door.  Apparently Larry sucked up my phone cord and activated the security system to call for an emergency.
The ambulance was in the driveway and the attendants were on the porch with the gurney to pick me up and strap my butt in for the trip to the hospital.  I tried to tell them I was o.k. and that "LARRY" (my maid) must have sucked up my phone cord and activated the alarm system for help.
I tried to tell them that I was looking for Larry and I couldn't find him, they thought that I was mental and didn't know what I was doing.  Especially when they asked me who Larry was, and I answered "Larry you idiots, don't you know Larry the cable guy?".  He was sweeping my floors and then he got away and I couldn't find him......ask my cats, they followed him and loved him because he played with them for an hour until they were exhausted.
Before I knew it they had me strapped into this straight jacket and I just kept screaming my head off while kicking and biting whatever I could get my chops on for them to let me go.
I begged them to call my stud muffin who was out of town or call my neighbors because they know I am not crazy, but they wouldn't listen to me. 
I spent that night in the hospital and one night duty nurse listened to me and my story.  She called my best friend Rose who is a nurse herself and who she knew and then Rose called my stud muffin and my doctor.
I was left out the next day after everything was cleared up and I was not pronounced "mental".  I could have sued and gotten rich, but that is not something I could ever do.
I was really glad when I got back home and started my search for my robot Larry.  I did have a  score to settle with that schmuck.  After hours and hours of searching I finally found that pervert in my underwear drawer sniffing away and his batteries were still charged.
I grabbed that pervert and put him in a box until I could think of something good for me to get even with him.  YES, THEN IT CAME TO ME!  Since that pervert likes to sniff I decided to let him sniff his guts out.  
That night I took great glee with him.  Yes, I had the perfect revenge....the litter boxes!
I charged him up to the max and left him sniff and suck up until he huffed and puffed and blew himself out. 
The irony is that after I emptied him out and recharged the pervert my robot is as good as new. 
Therefore he/it is now up for sale, whoever is interested just pay the shipping and handling and I will give you the pervert for free.
Merry Christmas.
Copyright 2007 Cathy Gregor

* * * * * 

Cathy Gregor is a wanna be writer who resides in Pennsylvania with her cave man and cats.  No picture available since she is in the "Whisker Protection Program".  Smuggling catnip into the country does not pay and when caught she turned federal witness for the Pussycution. To help with her rehabilitation she has a website and is a proud member of


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