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Dedicated to Marta Martin  

Tribute to AsA

  Updated 1-2-08




























Shag's Summer Ressle-pees           

By Shag Baker          

Y'all keep asking for ressle-pees, so I thought to share some of my favorites.

Watermelon anything:  Take one watermelon, find large cliff, throw watermelon off cliff, waiting for the satisfying "splat".  Leave, go fishing, after stopping at raghead for beer and veeaneers.

Summer Drinks:  Take one large cooler, fill with beer, coat beer with ice.  Let stand for a while.  Open cooler, take beer, open beer, consume.  Repeat until out of beer.

BBQ:  Get one of the following: any edible member of the kingdom animalia.  Throw on G'pa's or Uncle Mickey's BBQ pit.  Cook.  Add liberal amounts of beer for flavor and to keep hydration levels up; it is summer after all.

ater Sammich:  Take two slices light bread, mayo, mater, salt, pepper.  Slather mayo on light bread.  Slice ' mater, place on light bread.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Consume with beer.

Fish Fry:  Take cleaned fish, toss in cornmeal, deep fry.  Eat while drinking beer, playing cards and watching youngin's play.

Bourbon and Coke:  Take half gallon of bourbon, fruit jar, ice and coke.  Fill fruit jar with ice, add bourbon.  Glance at coke for flavor.  Sip bourbon.

What y'all think?

Copyright (believe it or not) 2004 Shag Baker

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